Vegetable Garden – The No-Dig Method

Have you ever heard of a ‘No-Dig’ vegetable garden? The rewards are fabulous!

New gardeners often don’t know where to start with a vegetable garden. The no-dig method is really simple and involves constructing a raised garden edge using sugar cane bails, timber or corrugated iron, then layering organic materials on top of the soil to create a nutrient rich environment for your plants, in this case, vegetables.

Clean, Green and Chemical Free Vegetable Garden

"Vegetable Gardens"Building a no-dig vegetable garden is the best start for most Australia backyards:
Before rushing into it, plan the ideal size and location of the no-dig bed that best meet your objectives. Do not skip this important step!


A no-dig vegetable garden is the quickest, easiest way to get home grown vegetables on your dinner table.

You will need the following materials for your No-Dig Vegetable Garden: –

  •     Old newspapers
  •     a few bales of straw
  •     a few bales of lucerne
  •     compost (mushroom compost)
  •     border material (wood, bamboo, rocks etc)
  •     cow or sheep manure
  •     blood and bone
  •     Compost or potting mix to make the planter holes(if you want to plant strait away)

After mapping out your garden bed it is time to start building layers. Start with the newspaper about 1cm thick. Watering the newspaper as you go is useful and be sure to crossover the newspaper as you go so no gaps form. From there its a matter of layering the straw, lucerne and manure – there will be at least 2 thick layers of each. Scatter the manure, compost and blood and bone every few layers. The whole garden should be built up at least 30cm high. The higher the better as it will start to break down in a few weeks.

On the top, pull apart some straw and make some “planter cups” – basically a 15cm well that is filled with your compost or potting mix. After watering these, you can start planting immediately.

"Vegetable Gardens"

No matter what your location, gardening the no dig way is an option for you. The garden literally composts the materials while feeding the plants.

A raised garden bed means that it doesn’t matter what sort of soil you currently have. Simply layer materials over the top of your surface and start growing!


"Vegetable Gardens"Benefits of a no dig vegetable garden or raised garden bed:

They’re easy to build (a morning’s work!)
They’re virtually maintenance free.
They mirror nature to create a rich, organic environment for your plants.
They can be built anywhere, anytime to any design.


You will need a sunny space and a reasonably level surface or terraces. Beyond that, just add a few ingredients and you’re on your way. By the time your plants are established, the contents of the bed blend together and develop into a rich organic mix for your next planting.

See I told you it was simple. Give this method a try if you have the room and inclination and you’ll have fresh vegetables to enjoy in no time!!

This really is one of the cheapest and simplest method of creating a vegetable garden and you’ll have them growing in no time!



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