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This website is packed with Garden Ideas and inspiration for Australian gardeners. Its been created by experienced landscaping and horticultural professionals, to help you understand the basics of preparing, designing, installing and maintaining a garden. We’d like to inspire you with some stunning landscaping and garden ideas, pictures and videos as well as help you select the right plants to compliment your home, landscaping and garden design ideas .

"Garden Ideas - How to Guide"Knowledge is the key to both DIY landscaping  and managing contractors. Let us help you understand where to begin with your garden and inspire you with some creative garden ideas.  Our garden design ideas will help you to plan out your garden on paper. If your looking for guidance on hard landscaping elements such as retaining walls, garden edging and water features our landscape solutions offer plenty of advice and ideas. You’ll also need to know how to manage your garden without toxic chemicals and pesticides. We’ll show you how to do this seasonally, safely and effectively!!

This website is packed with DIY resources, inspirational videos and landscaping and garden ideas for Australian gardeners.

Whether your DIY landscaping or working alongside landscaping professionals, our resources will help you to understand how to garden or explain your requirements to industry professionals with confidence. As professionals in the industry we all remember our first attempts at gardening and had to learn how to garden over a period of time. It is with understanding and continued practise that you too, will learn how and what to do in your garden.

Achieving a visually beautiful, healthy garden does not come without initial and on-going effort. Knowing what to do, in which season is the key!!

"Garden Ideas - How to Garden"If you understand the basics of gardening you can shortcut many of the pitfalls and time wasting, frustrating issues that arise in the garden. Let us take you by the hand and guide you.

Wherever you live, this website will help you to understand the basics of gardening. We’ll look at garden design ideas as well as a variety of styles and themes.  We’ll help you to consider the introduction of hard and soft landscaping elements and look at safe and natural garden maintenance methods to implement into your seasonal routine

If we have helped YOU with some inspiring garden ideas and advice, please promote or share our website or links with your friends. Our goal is to contribute in some way towards the beautifying of our towns and citys, and help you learn how to design and develop your landscaping and create and maintain your garden in a more natural way!!

Enjoy your garden,

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